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Dec 9th to Dec 24th

Great sale prices on Camino chocolate products for baking and these cold winter nights around the woodstove. Lots more on sale from now till Christmas.


Holiday Merchandise Now in Stock

Stock up on puzzles and games for those long winter nights. Check out more of our holiday stock.

First Ed Holiday Ad


20 at 20 Promotion

There’s a lot to be excited about this year as but perhaps the biggest deal is that we’re launching our “20 at 20” promotion where we’re offering 20 everyday items at a 20% reduction from our regular retail price from Co-op Week through the end of March.

From Bob Casault, our general manager:

You are the backbone of our local retail co-operative. As a management team we have to weigh profit and service to you, our most loyal clientele. One of the biggest complaints we always receive is “the Co-op is just too expensive” so this winter season from mid-October thru to March 30th 2017. We will be offering our new “20 at 20” program.

We are offering 20 everyday items at 20% lower than our regular retail price.

The Management Team wants you to know we are listening! Stay tuned all this winter season for other special pricing offers coming soon!

A Unique Community Owned Shopping Experience

The Hornby Island Co-op aims to provide good value, a wide selection, fair prices and the best possible service in one-stop island convenience.

A co-operative is a business with a difference. The key to a co-op is that it is owned and controlled by its members, and exists to serve the needs of the people who own and use it and the community around. Co-ops exist for the benefit of their members, not for private gain.

Co-op members and visitors alike will enjoy the many goods and services offered right here on the island. A full feature grocery store, deli, hardware, gas bar, liquor outlet and post office just to name a few departments of our store.

Did you know?

Canadian businesses have some of the highest credit card processing fees in the world. We ask you to consider paying with a debit card or cash in order to help keep costs down. Your choices and actions help support the businesses that in turn, support and sustain your communities.
Thank you for shopping at the Co-op!

Favorites of your Co-op staff

Favorites of your Co-op staff


Ringside – Photo by Bob Cain

New Gasbar 1987

Pouring for the original Gas Bar – Photo by Bob Cain