Notice of Special General Meeting

All members of the Hornby Island Cooperative Association are invited to
Special General Meeting at The Hornby Island Community Hall
March 12, 2017

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on a Special Resolution that places limits on directors with an “ongoing conflict of interest” serving on the board.
Q: How is a Special Resolution passed?
A: After the required notice of a meeting under the Act, a special resolution is passed at a general meeting by a 2/3 majority of the total votes cast by the members who are entitled to vote on the resolution [Rules of the Hornby Island Co-operative Association, Part 1 — “Interpretation”, Definitions, 1].
Q: Can I vote by proxy? A: An individual member may vote by proxy at a general meeting in accordance with the Act and the rules of the Association if the individual member’s residence, as determined from the register of members of the Association, is more than 80 kilometres from the place of the meeting [Rules of the Hornby Island Co-operative Association, Part 12 — “Voting Rights of Members”, Proxy voting at a general meeting, 70 (1)]. For more info on proxy voting, check the Rules (Bylaws) of the Hornby Island Co-op, available on the Co-op website, and/or contact the Co-op Board Secretary, Claire Burke, tel: 250.335.0156 / email:
Please find the background and text of the special resolution in the Tribune; and visit the Co-op website to find the background information including the Committee report and SGM Q&A’s (also will be provided at the SGM). A hard copy of the resolution can be provided at the Customer Service Desk.

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