Grocery Clerk Deli Back-up


Position: Grocery Clerk/Deli Back-up (permanent, part-time)
Department: DELI
Hours: approximately (16-40) hours a week

The Co-op is looking for someone to fill the position of back-up deli clerk.
This position involves assisting the head of our deli department and includes food packaging, preparation, stocking shelves, receiving freight, ordering, filling in for the department head during vacations and customer service. Cashier duties when necessary.
This is currently a part-time position, which expands to full-time in July and August, but has the potential to expand in the future into a year-round full-time position.
Previous deli and cashier experience are an asset, but not a requirement.
Flexibility with hours and days available to for is required.

How to apply:

Print out Job Application, or copies are available at the Customer Service desk.

Please submit your completed application to Doug Shaw, Hardware Department Manager or the Customer Service desk.

Union membership is required.

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