About Co-ops

Hornby Island Co-op is part of a network of Co-operatives in Canada and around the world. Co-ops have a stake in their communities, and are a good way to help individuals come together to organize and gain control of services, create employment and foster economic development, find strength and common solutions to problems.

When you purchase shares in the Co-op, you become an owner, with a stake in the success of the Co-op.

The money raised from shares allows us to purchase equipment and upgrade our facilities. Your membership contributes to a more efficient up-to-date store. It establishes a commitment to the Co-op. As a responsible member, you will want to purchase goods and services to make it a viable business. In turn, the Co-op must operate efficiently to earn your ongoing support. You will have an extra incentive to give your suggestions to make sure the store serves you and other members in every way possible.

Co-operative principles:

      Voluntary and open membership
      Democratic member control
      Member economic participation
      Autonomy and independence
      Education, training and information
      Co-operation among co-operatives
      Concern for community

These seven essential principles of co-operation were adopted by the Centennial Congress of the ICA, Manchester, United Kingdom, September 23, 1995.