Code of Conduct

Directors are elected by the members of a retail cooperative to represent their interests. Laws of the province of incorporation and the bylaws or rules of the cooperative define the manner in which the cooperative will conduct its affairs.

Legally, directors are expected to:

  • Comply with all provincial government legislation and regulations, as well as the cooperative’s bylaws/rules;
  • Understand the cooperative model and principles;
  • Effectively represent the interests of the members and report back to them; and,
  • Abide by good governance practices. This Code of Conduct reflects the cooperative’s expectations and intentions with respect to the behaviour of its directors.

All directors are expected to:

  • Demonstrate commitment by purchasing the goods and services provided by the cooperative to the fullest extent possible.
  • Make impartial decisions that are in the interests of the cooperative as a whole, rather than for one’s private interests.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest, real or perceived, that could damage the cooperative.
  • Respect and abide by board decisions on all issues.
  • Maintain confidentiality with regard to boardroom discussions and privileged information (including verbal information), documents and reports.
  • Recognize and respect lines of authority and responsibility delegated to the General Manager.
  • Develop and maintain a relationship of trust and respect between the General Manager and the board.
  • Be aware of and understand the cooperative’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities.
  • Continue to develop their competencies as directors by participating in learning activities.
  • Represent the cooperative and FCL in their community by demonstrating the core values of integrity, excellence and responsibility.
  • Support FCL and the CRS by actively participating and supporting the efforts of the federation.