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Membership Benefits

Celebrating 60 years

Hornby Island Co-op’s 60th anniversary, 2015.

Participation. As a member, you have a voice in the direction and management of your store. Each member has one vote, regardless of the number of shares held. Members are encouraged to attend the annual general meeting and participate in establishing the policies and bylaws of the Co-op, and in electing a Board of Directors to oversee the Co-op’s progress towards its goal of effective community service. Communication between the Board and its members ensures that the co-op meets ongoing needs.

Savings. Any savings earned by the Co-op are returned to the members who patronized the store, in proportion to the amount they purchased from the Co-op that year. Usually, this allocation is added to the member’s share equity or investment, to be used to strengthen and improve the Co-op, but a portion may be paid out in cash at the Board’s discretion, depending on the Co-op’s cash position.

Co-op membership is a good investment. The more you put in, the more you will get in return. Your support makes the Co-op successful, and you share in its success.

    Watch your equity grow with the success of the store.
    A membership entitles you to a vote at general meetings.
    Members can choose one day each month to use their 10% discount voucher.
    Members can order case lots, and items not normally carried in stock, and receive cost-plus pricing for increased savings.
    Members in good standing are entitled to chequing privileges.
    Members are eligible to participate in special sales, draws and events.

Community Benefits

Hornby Island Co-op supports this community through:

The Co-op is a Union shop that employs 29 regular staff, more in the summer months, 5 Managers and several contractors on a regular basis. As well, we hire locally for other services whenever possible.

We provide an outlet for local producers, supporting home occupations, small businesses, and local artists.

Ongoing training for staff and directors benefits the collective pool of knowledge. As well, we provide a bursary for post-secondary education for island students, and sponsor teens to attend summer camp.

Countless donations of goods and services support many community organizations in enhancing island life.

The Co-op provides information to members through social media and our local print papers. Notice boards inside and outside the store are a vital source of community information, and the free post area is an essential communications link for islanders.

The Co-op walls feature a different local artist each month.

About the Dividend

When the Co-op has a net savings, there is an annual patronage dividend repayment. We give half of the dividend to members’ equity and half directly to each member in a cheque.

That means, any member who has spent $1001 or more on eligible purchases will receive a cheque.  Alcohol purchases are not eligible, but fuel purchases definitely are, along with hardware and grocery.

Equity Statements & Cheques are available at Customer Service, usually arriving mid-June.

3 options for equity cheques:

1. Cash right now (no cheque cashing fee).

2. Consider giving back to the Co-op through The Hilary Brown Fund. You will be supporting our future improvements and projects.

3. Once cheques are stale-dated (6 months old) equity is transferred into memberships.

For more information ask Customer Service.

Thank you for your patronage!

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