Federated Co-operatives Ltd (FCL) and the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS)

Federated Co-operatives Ltd (FCL)

FCL is what is known as a second tier cooperative. It is owned by its retail coop members located throughout Western Canada. FCL provides its memberowners with central wholesaling, manufacturing and administrative services. It employs thousands of people across Western Canada and is a significant contributor to the economy of the region.

As a part of FCL, each memberowner cooperative not only has access to a wide range of goods and services, it is also part of a system that is much bigger than the sum of its parts. FCL’s mission is to provide responsible, innovative leadership and support to the Cooperative Retailing System, for the benefit of members, employees and Canadian communities . Its vision is to set the world standard in consumer cooperative excellence .

FCL also has an aspirational statement that sets a clear direction for where the organization wants to be. “Strong cooperative governance is the foundation upon which we pursue a common purpose with our retail owners. Working together, we sustain a vibrant Federation by creating shared value. We leverage our financial strength to steward the sustainable growth of our Cooperative Retailing System. At Coop our members/customers feel at home, because we are part of the fabric of the communities we serve. We foster meaningful careers and inspire our employees to bring our brand to life every day. We model and celebrate a culture of teamwork, learning and innovation.”

In order to achieve the vision and bring this statement to life, FCL needs to work closely with all of its memberowners. It does so by providing a range of supports and services to both boards and managers in each of the five regions.

The Cooperative Retailing System (CRS)

The Cooperative Retailing System (CRS) began in 1928 in Western Canada when locally owned retail cooperatives worked together to form provincial wholesales in order to expand their purchasing power. The cooperative wholesales in the four western provinces, along with the Cooperative Refinery Complex (CRC) in Regina, joined together to form Federated Cooperatives Limited. Today, the CRS is comprised of over 200 retail cooperatives and FCL, which provides a wide range of services to its members.