The Heart of the Hornby Island Community

Then and Now

Who We Are

Hornby Island Co-op was started in 1955 as a way for island residents to provide themselves with food, fuel, household and hardware goods at fair, reasonable prices. It was, and is still, a way to combine our community buying power and resources for common advantage. Our deep roots in the local community make us a uniquely Hornby organization. 



To provide the quality of facilities, goods, and services that encourages member and employee confidence and commitment to our cooperative.


Together, we will be the thriving and vibrant economic hub and heart of Hornby Island.


Integrity: We have a culture of honesty, trust and responsibility.

Community: We are committed to improving the social and economic well-being of the Hornby island community.

Sustainability: We promote environmentally, socially, financially responsible, and innovative practices.

Respect: We honour and appreciate diversity and uniqueness.

Service: We deliver a friendly, creative, and cooperative experience (Awesomeness.)

Accountability: We listen and respond to our membership.

Authenticity: We celebrate our Hornby Island community and the co-operative culture.


“Extra” Services

Youth support through YES summer camp sponsorship and an annual scholarship for post-secondary students.

Direct donations to charities, events and organizations.

Donations at the tills – collection of funds for various organizations and for emergency relief such as medical or fire situations.

Free Post mailbox centre for local individuals and organizations.

Prescriptions twice a week from two pharmacies in Courtenay.

Phone Book sales for the local New Horizons fundraiser.

The Art Wall  with a new local art show every month.

Cheque cashing for members (Hornby Co-op is the only Co-op that still offers this service!)

Lost and Found at Customer Service.

Day old newspapers available for fire starter, packaging or maybe just to read.

Cardboard boxes saved by request for fruit collection, packaging or moving purposes.

Notice boards for community information and organizations.

Wood stove custom orders and parts.

Community Quilt displayed outside during the summer as a local fundraiser.

Table vendors’ area and a space for buskers, managed by the Co-op.

Picnic tables for coffee drinkers and conversationalists. 

Doggie tie-up and water, in the shade under the trees.

And at the Gas Bar……

Free windshield wiper installation with purchase.

Full service to those who ask (gas pumped, fluids checked and tire pressure checked).

Free temporary storage of gas cans for boaters on big Tribune.

Free charging of computers, I- phones and other electronic devices.

Temporary storage of knapsacks for summer visitors.

Drinking water refill area.