Become a Member

How to Join the Hornby Island Co-op

Visit the Customer Service Desk in the main Store. Fill out an application and pay using cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard.

To become a member, you purchase shares in the Co-op for a one-time payment of $110. The entire $110 goes into your equity.

Applications are always pending approval by the Board but you can use your new membership# and a 10% day voucher at the tills right away.

Discover the Benefits

The money raised from shares allows us to develop as a business and give back, in many ways, to the community.

Invest Locally: Support a wholly locally owned and controlled business where opportunities and savings stay in the community.

Shop Locally: Purchase groceries, hardware, petroleum, building supplies, garden supplies and more, right here on the island.

Engagement: Contribute ideas and comments by talking to staff, managers and members of the board of directors, or by using the comment forms available at the Customer Service Desk. Have a voice in the future. Vote at general meetings, and elect representatives to the Board of Directors – or run for the Board.

Patronage Dividends: Each year profits are shared among members. Receive cash and grow equity when our operation realizes a net saving. Allocation is based on how much you spend at the Co-op (patronage). Watch your investment grow with each purchase.

Community Investment: Support a socially responsible organization, dedicated to the well-being of the community for over 60 years.

Save Money: Members are entitled to one 10% day each month and are eligible to participate in special sales, draws and events.