2020 Board Bios

2020 Board Bios (pdf)

Hornby Island Co-op Board 2020

*Don Peterson (term expires 2020) – President; Governance Committee

Claire Burke (term expires 2022) – Secretary; Governance Committee Chair, Membership Engagement Committee Chair; Business Evolution Committee

*Rob Lewis (term expires 2020) – Finance Committee Chair

*Bill Havens (term expires 2020) – Business Evolution Committee Chair; Membership Engagement Committee

Jill Candlish (term expires 2021) – Vice President; Governance Committee; Membership Engagement Committee, Nominations Committee

Randy Wunderlich (term expires 2021) Finance Committee, Nominations Committee

Jennifer Fletcher (term expires 2021) – Membership Engagement Committee, Nominations Committee

Judith Fletcher (term expires 2022) – Finance Committee

*Terms expiring 2020

 There are 3 terms expiring this year, and one empty seat from Jim Garton’s resignation earlier this year. Bill Havens has agreed to let his name stand again, Don Peterson and Rob Lewis will not be standing for re-election.

4 positions up for election (3 three year terms and one 2 year term)

Co-op Board Candidate Bios

REID CARTER (Candidate Bio)

Reid Carter is a registered professional forester in British Columbia and has over 40 years of experience in the forest industry, including senior roles in TimberWest Forest Corp. and Fletcher Challenge Canada. As a former Managing Partner at Brookfield Asset Management, Mr. Carter led Brookfield’s timberlands portfolio growing the business from a modest operation of 310,000 acres under management to one of the largest timberland estates globally, with approximately 3.7 million acres under management in the United States, Canada and Brazil. Mr. Carter has a detailed understanding of the management, assets and relative global competitive positioning of North American paper and forest products companies. He is a director of Acadian Timber Corp and Mr. Carter was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Acadian from 2006 to 2015, he is also a Director of West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., Semios Bio and MakeSpace  Inc.  Reid and his wife Laura are residents of West Vancouver, and have been active Hornby homeowners and Coop members since 2000.


TAMARA LAMONT (Candidate Bio)

Hornby Island is my home, my forever place, and I want to see it thrive in every way.  My heart lives here.  I grew up on Hornby.  My family moved to the island over 26 years ago. My husband Shannon also grew up on the island, and now we are raising our son Rouk here.

In 2013, my dream of being a business owner came true as I opened up my gallery in the Ringside Market. Hornby Creative is my passion. It was the Hornby Island Co-op that gave me the opportunity to open my business. I am forever grateful. So now, I am feeling ambitious, ready to give back, help others thrive and contribute to the community I love.



Craig currently spends his time between Cortes & Hornby islands. With his wife Candice they have operated a successful vacation rental business on Cortes for the past eight seasons.

Previous to purchasing Cortes Island Vacation Rentals, Craig owned and operated an independent, whole foods shop in downtown Ganges on Salt Spring Island. This project began in 2004 with the purchase of the existing business that had operated since the mid 1970’s. An island institution that is still serving the community today.

This small island business experience was a natural compliment to Craig’s twenty plus years in the burgeoning organic food movement, beginning in 1990. His hands-on work experience quickly escalated from front line team member to store manager of Capers Robson Street location. His promotion to director of new store development took place in a time of rapid growth for the industry. Mergers and acquisitions among some of the largest natural & organic food retailers in the world informed and influenced Craig’s business strategies in ways that are even more relevant today.

Craig has volunteered time with various organizations and boards over the years that are aligned with his values— truth, health, and freedom for the individual and community.


BILL HAVENS (Board Incumbent, running for second term)

I believe that the COOP is the Heart of Hornby Island and central to our life on this beautiful island. It has been my privilege to serve on the Co-op board for the last three years thus providing me with an opportunity to give something back to our community. I have been a resident on the island since I retired from teaching Computing Science at SFU well over a decade ago. Now I spend my time woodworking, gardening, working on various projects and being part of the community.

Our Coop is fundamentally strong and prosperous but we have significant challenges and hence we have new opportunities. How can we embrace these changes? I seek another term on the Coop board to continue to work on these issues.


Current Board Bios


 My history on Hornby extends back to the mid -1950’s and my parents have owned property here since 1960.  In 2012 Deborah and I bought our own home and we have lived here fulltime since March 2015.  We have been married for 42 years and have four children and three grandchildren. My personal interests include photography, fishing, cycling, building, gardening and the natural world.  I am a member of the Hornby Island Photography Society, Hornby Island Fire Rescue and Conservancy Hornby Island.

Before retirement I worked for over 40 years in the public and non-profit sectors primarily in fisheries management.  In 2003 I left my position as Provincial Director of Fish and Wildlife to become President/CEO of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.  This career provided me with grounding in organizational governance, policy, and all aspects of management.



 My name is Rob Lewis and I have been visiting Hornby Island for close to 20 years.  I purchased property on Hornby in 2008 and my wife and I made the decision to move here full time in August of 2016.  Since making Hornby my fulltime home, I have had the pleasure of serving on the Co-op Board and have joined the fire rescue as a rookie firefighter.  I also have a classic jazz radio show on CHFR and set up Hornby Helps on Facebook.  In moving to Hornby, I retired from a successful 30-year sales career calling on the retail trade in Canada and have direct experience working with FCL.  The bulk of my career has been dedicated to working in small to medium sized businesses and trying to help create jobs for Canadians.



After being elected to the board in 2015, Claire was appointed Board Secretary, and in that role she’s become intimately acquainted with the bylaws and an endearing policy wonk – making a Board of Directors Manual available to each board member, creating a Policy Manual of Board Operations, and conducting an extensive 2 year bylaw review.

Since joining the board she has:

  • formed and chaired the Membership Engagement Committee, bringing you annual Membership Engagement Meetings every fall since 2015, and is dedicated to continuing to improve communication and connections with the membership;
  • formed and chaired the Nominations Committee in 2016, with the mandate to oversee the process of board recruitment, which includes publicizing vacancies, soliciting eligible nominees, assessing competencies, and ensuring members have the knowledge to make informed decisions when voting for board directors at the annual meeting; and,
  • currently chairs the Governance Committee, taking a leadership role to build and enhance the board’s effectiveness and continuous improvement.



 Jill has lived on Hornby Island for over 35 years and raised 3 children with husband Tom Rutherford. Jill is a very energetic, friendly person; passionate about engaging with friends and family in lifelong learning, stimulating conversation, and creative expression. She thrives on being out in Nature and pursuing a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Working and volunteering as part of a vibrant community is one of her deepest values.

During Jill’s time on Hornby she has worked at the Preschool, shared a garlic business, been a Lay-Midwife, taught Music at the school, and is now working as an online educator. She has served on the Community Hall committee, coordinated the Hornby Homeschoolers Network, organized stage music at events, and currently stands as Board president of the Hornby Island Mountain Biking Association.

The Co-op Store has always been a focal point for Jill’s family on Hornby as it is where they do the bulk of their shopping, and she appreciates it being the social hub of the Island for locals and off-Islanders alike. She is proud to have the (unofficial) honour of receiving the largest 10% day discount from the Co-op! Jill treasures it’s ongoing presence in the community and looks forward to serving again on the Board.



Randy Wunderlich’s family have deep connections with Hornby dating back into the 1970’s when his parents Wilf and Edie first purchased their property on Anderson Drive. Now with a family of three children and six plus grandchildren, they are enjoying the company of their extended families, especially during the Summers on Hornby.

Mr. Wunderlich has recently become a full-time resident after having lived and worked for many years around the province of British Columbia. His personal and professional interest lies in fostering Good Environmental Management and Natural Resource Utilization through his own company, Samurai Ventures Ltd.

Mr. Wunderlich’s education includes a Bachelor of Applied Science from UBC, Advanced Business Management training at the Banff School of Arts and multiple other certifications.

Relevant Roles that Mr. Wunderlich has held over the years include:

  • Technical and Major Capital Project Manager-
  • Principal, leading successful Engineering Company and Division Start Ups (5)
  • President, Duncan Industrial Engineering – (now Allnorth Engineering)
  • Director, Strategic Services Tetra Tech Canada – FE prior to retirement

Randy hopes to support the Hornby community and the continued success of the Hornby Coop through his participation in the Board.



Judith Fletcher Elkins was introduced to Hornby Island just over 20 years ago after fulfilling her dream of living on the West coast, having left a career in working in advertising and the women’s retail clothing industry in Toronto. She then spent the next 15 years in the world of small business distributing medical supplies for various emergency services in BC and throughout the world. First it was just visits from Vancouver to Hornby, but with the dawn of high-speed internet on Hornby, she soon discovered the joy of working from home and running a business remotely from her home on Hornby! Times changed and in 2010 she moved to Victoria getting a job within government. However, Judith recently returned to Hornby permanently and continues to work remotely in a full-time position with the provincial government based out of Victoria.

The proximity to nature, both on the land and the sea, is important for her and helps to remind her of our ecological footprint. Living on Hornby allows her the time to experience and interact with the natural world, consume wonderful food produced by people she knows and appreciate the many cultural activities created on and brought to Hornby Island.

Judith believes that living and working in a small community like Hornby is made possible through actively participating in the community. She was previously a member of the Trails Committee for several years and continues her love of riding bicycles, whether it be on or off the mountain trails. She is currently a Board member of the Hornby Island Arts Council and has recently joined the Hornby Island Fire Department as a volunteer. She continues in her quest to learn to grow some of her own food, and has a long-standing desire to better photograph the world as she sees it.

She believes in supporting local businesses and is especially appreciative of the significance of our own Hornby Island Cooperative as it plays an important part in maintaining a thriving community through the jobs it provides, the many goods and services provided, and the fact that is a social hub on the Island.



I’ve been living on Hornby for the past 18 years with my husband Alan, where we’ve been raising our family on part of the acreage he grew up on. Many people on the island know me through my involvement at the Preschool where I served on the Board during the years our children were in attendance, then at the Hornby School where I served as president of the Parent Advisory Council for 6 years. I am currently finishing up a 2 year term on the Elderhousing/Hornby Island Housing Society Board.  I enjoy being involved in our community, so serving on our Co-op Board seems to me a meaningful way to contribute.