Mission, Vision and Values – development

As part of our on-going strategic planning; the Co-op board and managers recently had a brainstorming session to review our Mission, Vision, and Values. We had a productive day and the process itself was extremely rewarding, as we were able to connect as a group and clearly see how passionate we all are about our co-operative values. We wish you could have been there! In lieu of that, we want to share our working copy with you, in order to continue this collaborative and consultative process.

We shared our work on Mission, Vision, and Values at our Membership Engagement Meeting on Sunday, October 22, held from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at Sea Breeze.

A draft version is in November’s First Edition, and available at Customer Service. The copies have room for feedback which can be returned to Customer Service, or emailed to: board@hornbyislandcoop.ca

We hope to see you at our annual Membership Engagement Meetings. In addition to our AGM, these meetings are a great way for members to have an opportunity to discuss their present and future needs and how they want their Co-op to meet those needs. We appreciate you taking time to help us steer the Co-op in the direction that best serves its members!