Hornby Island Co-op COVID-19 Response Plan Update
March 25, 2020

Dear Hornby Island Co-op and Community Members,

We are Closing the Grocery floor to the public after Saturday, March 29, 2020 for an indefinite period.

Why have we made this difficult decision?

The Co-op is part of the essential service infrastructure on Hornby, along with medical response, emergency response, health care etc…Resources that are limited by our island nature. Protective measures above and beyond what is being mandated or suggested by guidelines is necessary to protect this infrastructure.

In order to flatten the COVID-19 virus transmission curve, everyone on Hornby must be practicing frequent hand-washing, sanitizing frequent touch surfaces, social and physical distancing, and remembering Don’t Touch Your Face! This is what you can do.

The Co-op has done everything we can up to this point.

We have decided to close the Grocery Floor to provide additional protection for the Co-op staff and to ensure to the best of our ability that we can continue to provide uninterrupted service to our community.

Pick Up Service will to continue to provide you with shopping needs. We suggest you prepare your personal favourites list while you are in the Store to help you when you send in your Pick Up order requests;
• 250-335-1121
• shoppinglist@hornbyislandcoop.ca

Hardware floor, including Liquor Store will have limited access, details to come.

Post Office, continuing same as this week. Open 12-3 pm Mon-Sat by the side-door for counter service and pharmacy pick-up. Email in your shopping list you can give written permission to include your pharmacy order.

Sunday will be a complete day of rest for the Co-op, no Pick Up Service.

Take Care, stay safe,

Lisha Scott, Team Leader