Hornby Island Co-op COVID Response Update
April 14, 2020

Dear Hornby Island Co-op and Community Members,

We hope you had a lovely weekend, perhaps connecting with family and friends in new and creative ways.

Thank you for all your messages and gestures of thoughtful support for our Co-op family. Every little bit of kindness and compassion goes a long way right now.

It seems that truck delivery days have become the high point in the week for processing orders. Totally understandable as everyone wants to make sure they are picking up what they ask for, including pharmacy, staples like bread, and special orders.

You can really help us out by not waiting until Tues, Wed or Fri (truck delivery days) to send your request in.

The earlier we get your shopping list order, the sooner we can process it and contact you to make payment and Pick Up time arrangements.

Just add a note, for example “after Tues truck,” and we will co-ordinate our shopping and your Pick Up time accordingly.

Added bonus, by placing orders well in advance, you’re also helping yourself out because requests are prioritized by when we receive them.

Although we will continue to do our best to fill orders placed on Saturdays, please be aware that we may not be able to because of backlog from Fridays.

We love the Hornby Island community (warts and all), and it is heartening to know that everyone is doing their best during these unusual times.

Take care, be well, and enjoy the beautiful day.

Lisha Scott, Team Leader

Pick Up Service