Happy Snow Day! Family Day Long Weekend Hours – with adjustments for weather;

More snowfall is predicted over the next couple of days with winds coming up tomorrow. To get staff home safe before dark, tonight we are closing early and tomorrow the Store will be closed.

Freezing temperatures overnight are likely, and tomorrow morning is looking snowy and windy. Good chances of power going out and dangerous driving conditions so we are encouraging everyone to stay home and safe.

Saturday, February 13
Store – closing at 4 pm
Gas Bar – closing at 5 pm

Sunday, February 14
Store – CLOSED
Gas Bar – 10 to 4

Monday, February 15 – Family Day Holiday
Store – 11 to 3
Gas Bar – 10 to 4

Tuesday, February 16
Store 9:30 – 4
Gas Bar 8:30 – 6

Enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts!