Some tweaks to our summer hours and store protocols:

2) We will continue to provide our at-risk/elder shopping service from 9 — 9:30 am daily!f you who are unaware, our Post Office staff will now be closing for a well-deserved lunch break Monday through Friday from 12—12:30 pm.

2) We will continue to provide our at risk/elder shopping service from 9 — 9:30 am daily!

3) As of July 1st masks are no longer mandatory for staff and customers inside our Co-op. That being said, we will still continue to encourage and support staff and customers in our store who choose to wear masks.

4) We are still hiring for our summer team! If you or anyone you know is looking for a great summer job, please visit Customer Service for more information. You can also visit www.hornbyislandcoop.ca/employment to get your application online!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding! We look forward to what we believe will be one of the best summers ever!

See you soon 🙂