Pre-Inventory Sale Case-lot Sale:
To help make room before inventory, we are having a big sale on products by the case!
Earth’s Choice Organic Coconut Milk, Light or Original, & Cream 12cs Reg $45.49 Sale $35.99. $2.99/unit
Annie’s Pasta 12cs. Reg $40.69 Sale $29.99. $2.50/unit
Ethical Beans Coffee 6cs. Reg $81.59 Sale $59.99. $9.99/unit
Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks 12cs. Reg $33.49 Sale $19.99. $1.66/unit
Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones 18cs. Reg $41.19 Sale $33.49. $1.86/unit
Clif Bar 12cs. Reg $20.99 Sale $15.99. $1.33/unit
Available until April 28th, while supplies last.